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  • Climate/Environment

    Climate change, drought, ecology, energy consumption, global warming, natural disasters, pollution, sustainable development, weather
  • Education

    Access to education, education policy, education programs, educational technology
  • Health/Epidemiology

    Access to medicine, health care systems, health financing, infectious disease, innovations in health care, training, maternal, newborn and child health, medical devises, one health, vaccines, veterinary health.
  • Energy

    Energy use, energy infrastructure, renewable/alternative/clean energy sources and technologies, transportation systems and methods
  • Housing/Shelter

    Rural and urban development, slums, sustainable building materials
  • Exchange/Microtask

    Ask other users for their insights and expertise in editing, translation, peer review, grant partnerships, evaluation tools, and other skills to refine and disseminate your global development strategies. Be sure to tag the relevant subjects (such as water/sanitation) to find likeminded colleagues.
  • Nutrition/Agriculture

    Animal-sourced foods, aquaculture, diet, farming, food security, trade, land use and coverage, malnutrition, overnutrition, sustainable agriculture
  • Water/Sanitation

    Drinking water quality, sanitation systems, sanitation technologies, wastewater use, water resources, water related diseases, water supply and sanitation, water supply and hygiene, water, health and economics
  • Technologies

    Digital/mobile/wireless technology, information and communications, technology innovation